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Xylarium Section

Established for the study of internal structure of plant, this section has so far conducted studies on wood anatomy of more than 135 plants species of the country. It continues to serve different law enforcement agencies of the government such as Nepal Police and Department of Forests for identifying species from the wood samples confiscated during the illegal trade and smuggling. There are more than 500 wood samples and about 2700 permanent slides of different woody plants at ‘KATH’ Xylarium. This section also provides wood identification services to District forest offices, traders, farmers, researchers and students.

The study on internal structure of wood helps the species in identification, qualitative and quantitative analysis of wood and fibers.


  • To solve the taxonomic problems through anatomical study.
  • To identify the wood samples coming from Forest offices, traders, researchers, students and so on.
  • To investigate the total timber plants found in Nepal and identify them through anatomical study.
  • To publish Anatomical Manual of important timbers of Nepal.
  • To study the relationship between wood parameters and climatic factors along the evevational gradient.
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