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Plant Tissue Culture Section

Plant Tissue Culture Section

Plant tissue culture is a technology wherein an explants (cell, tissue or organ) is grown in an artificial nutrient medium under aseptic conditions. This technology is highly fruitful in the conservation of rare, endangered and threatened species that propagate very slowly by other methods and for economically important plants that need to be produced in mass scale. Established in1976 A.D. It is the pioneer plant tissue culture laboratory of the nation and has developed the protocols of more than 118 different plant species.


  • To develop tissue culture protocols of rare, endangered and threatened species of nationfor their conservation
  • To develop protocolsof economically important plants for mass production
  • To produce disease free and high quality plants
  • To preserve the germplasm of rare, endangered and threatened plants


  • Selection of healthy mother plant for explant
  • Study of relevant literatures
  • Selection of explant
  • Media preparation
  • Sterilization of explant and media
  • Culture and sub-culture
  • Acclimatization and production of plants
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