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Mycology Section

Mycology Section

Since last 30 years, the research and investigation on disease caused by various fungi in a variety of plants and mushroom has been carried out by Mycology Section of NHPL. The research work on fungi and mushroom has been carried out by collecting their specimen, from different parts of the country. The book entitled ‘Fungi of Nepal’ (Vol. I, II & III) and ‘Fungi of Lalitpur’ is published by Department of Plant Resources (DPR). Furthermore, Catalogue of fungi preserved in National Herbarium and Plant Laboratories has been published by the year 2014. Moreover, after the establishment of Mycology museum and Herbarium, more than 2500 herbarium specimens of fungus infected plants and mushroom has been preserved and many more are still awaiting. It is hoped that the information obtained from research work on mycology will be disseminated to public via published posture, leaflet, magazine and journals.

Being an crucial part of plant biodiversity, study on mushroom and various diseases causing fungus and poisonous mushrooms which are directly concerned with local people is quite essential. Such work would help to publish cryptogamic flora and detailed information about the economic importance of mycoflora as well.


The specific objectives are to:

  • Explore mycodiversity and disease causing fungus on plants along with their identification and documentation which may fascilitate for plant protection
  • Collect the mushroom specimens and herbarium of diseased plants infected by fungus
  • Help for publishing cryptogamic flora
  • Document and identify edible and poisonous mushroom & dissemination of such knowledge to public


  • Field trip for collection of specimens
  • Identification of collected specimens
  • Management of preserved specimens
  • Publication of informative leaflets
  • Report writing
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